About Us

We are a family business with an established Olive Grove in the picturesque craft’s village of Goombungee, located in Queensland’s Eastern Darling Downs. Originally a dairy farm, our family acquired the 80 acre property in 1975 as grazing land. In the year 2000, we planted four thousand olive trees and slowly developed our innovative manufacturing facility. Mandala Grove was officially launched in 2012. 
There's a reason we chose this location. The Darling Downs is one of Australia’s most well-known pastoral and agricultural regions, known for its fertile soil and beautiful natural environments. The cold winters, intermittent heavy rainfalls and long hot dry summers make an ideal climate to grow quality olives. Our Oil is produced from Spanish Manzanilla and Nevadillo Blanco, and Italian Frantoio (Paragon) and Correggiola. The Macadamias and Avocados we use are sourced locally from Darling Downs and Maleny, Queensland.
Located on the Grove is our processing facility that houses modern Italian made stainless steel extraction and centrifuge machines, complete with a lab and bottling/storage areas... You could think of it as our gourmet oil laboratory! Our expertise and high quality machinery allows each season's produce to be freshly pressed directly after harvest, allowing us to consistently produce high quality, delicious results. 
At Mandala Grove, we believe the great taste of our gourmet oils comes from this combination of sourcing locally and producing in-house with love and care.
Our Mission.
Our mission is to bring you healthy, delicious and unique gourmet oils. We do this by using our own olives, grown with love in the Darling Downs, and sourcing all additional produce from Queensland farms. 
Our People.
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